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corner of Nebraska Avenue and Skipper Road • near USF • north of Fletcher • south of Bearss • east of 275


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All shows are rain or shine. The music venue is outdoors, with about half the audience area being covered, so dress appropriately. Sensible footware, please!

Unless otherwise noted, all shows at Skipper's are 21 and up with a valid ID or you must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Meaning that, yes, persons under 21 can attend if and only if they are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Well-behaved children under 10 are free unless otherwise noted for that specific show; they must be accompanied by their legal parent or guardian unless otherwise noted for that specific show.

Other than service animals, dogs are not permitted in the concert area, in the restaurant or in the Oyster Bar. Plese leave the ferret/parrot/iguana/lemur/etc. at home.

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MARCH 2015


Sol Driven Train Sol Driven Train’s music weaves through genres like images in a Tom Robbins paragraph. The band’s playful sonic schizophrenia absorbs songwriting influences like John Prine and Paul Simon, Afrocaribbean rhythmic explorations, and funky New Orleans-style brass into earnest songs of life, love, loss, and long johns. The versatile 6-piece band, based in Charleston, SC, features rotating lead vocalists, and multi-instrumental talent spread across horns, strings, and percussion. Combining rich varieties of American pop and folk music into their own brass-kickin’ roots rock sound, Sol Driven Train has carved out a unique musical identity within the Jam and Americana music scene. Sol Driven Train’s sound has helped shape their hometown’s musical identity for more than a decade. It’s soulful and rich like Charleston’s food, approachable like its people, rooted in history like its architecture, and as diverse as you’d expect from a city that, for instance, has a Prius-driving Democrat for a mayor in one of the country’s reddest states. During the spring of 2000, a close circle of friends began gathering in college apartments downtown Charleston to create sound and share in the fun and cathartic joy of music. Through the course of 14 years and over 1,000 live shows, this same spirit still guides Sol Driven Train through the rocky road of the music industry. The venues have grown from bedrooms to festival stages, the amps have gotten louder, the lineup has evolved, and the crowds have multiplied, but the sense of brotherhood, mutual support, and creative independence within the band has strengthened. Along the way, the band has performed alongside their musical heroes, sharing stages with greats such as Bruce Hornsby, Levon Helm, Michael Franti, and Blues Traveller. Through hard work and a commitment to live performance, the band’s reputation and collective musical ability has grown with every season. Named “2011 Rock Band of the Year” “2012 Jam Band of the Year” and “2013 World/Groove/Reggae Band of the Year” by the Charleston City Paper, and “On the Verge” by Relix Magazine in January 2012, Sol Driven Train is an independent band breaking into the national spotlight. Ten independent releases including two critically-acclaimed albums for children, a live concert DVD, a live album, five full-length studio albums, and last summer’s popular “Watermelon” EP document the band’s winding musical development. soldriventrain.com

8PM $5


Island Night w/Impulse (ISLAND/AFRO-BEAT/REGGAE) A 23-year-old tradition continues with the ever-amazing Impulse band playing reggae, zouk and Afrobeat under the star!


Grateful Dead Night w/Uncle John's Band (JAMBAND/TRIBUTE) Hippies please use side door... UJB has been faithfully bringing the music and spirit of the Grateful Dead to Skipper's every Thursday at Skipper's since 1998. unclejohnsband.com


Halcyon (ACOUSTIC ROCK) Halcyon writes and performs well-received original songs that sacked up favorably to any national act, rife with excellent musicianship and enviably close harmonies, delivered via energetic and engaging live performances, documented on seven CD releases. The duo has built a devoted fan base through regular touring across the US particularly the Southeast, playing the Main Stage for many a Pride event including festivals in Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Denver and York, England. Deb Hunseder and Steph Callahan met in 1989 and had their first gig two weeks later. From the first note, they knew their entwined harmonies created something very special and unique. the duo has opened for many acts including John Mayer, india.irie, Joan Osborne, Tabitha's Secret (since morphed into Matchbox 20 and back-in-the-day they opened for Halcyon), Sister Hazel (ditto), Crosby, Stills & Nash, Joan Baez, Wynonna Judd, Melissa Ferrick and the late, great Koko Taylor.

w/Geri X featuring KatieTalbert

8PM $12



Come Back Alice(SOUTHERN GYPSY FUNK) Come Back Alice is a Southern Gypsy Funk band. Soulful Vocals, melodic guitars, baroque style violin and funky bass & drums make up the heart of CBA’s sound. Tony Tyler (lead vocals/guitar/B3 organ), a native of Dublin, GA, began making music at the tender age of 3. With a father in the music business, it was simply in his genes, inspiring him to sing and play drums like his dad. By age 12, he was given his first guitar, and after hearing Duane Allman play slide, his focus soon shifted to fronting and leading his own band. Tony is an accomplished multi-insturmentalist with a vocal range and style that tops off his many exceptional talents. As front man for Come Back Alice, Tony brings this talent to the stage for all to enjoy. Dani Jaye (harmony vocals, violin, guitar) began her life on horseback. Her enormous passion for animals and competitive riding kept her busy through high school, but it was music that brought her true happiness and a strong sense of destiny. The gift of a violin from her aunt at age 13 planted the seed for her enveloping love of music, making her into the music power house she is today. Dani's sweet yet devilish stage presence matched by her intense fiddle styling captivates all who witness her performances. A jack of all trades, a master of 3; engineering, snowboarding, and bass. John was always musically inclined, and at the age of 19 found his instrument in the bass. A rambler, John has since traveled across the country, and spent 3 years off and on in Colorado. He attained a level 2 snowboard instructor certification, and enjoyed his time in the rockies as a jeep guide in the Elk Mountains and a raft guide on the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers. He has since achieved a degree in engineering from UCF, and moved back home to lay mind melting, face shattering, earth quaking bass lines with CBA. His influences include Les Claypool, Jaco Pastorious, Allen Woody, Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, and Aston "Family Man" Barrett. Yral Morris, a native of Miami FL, has a playing style that is deeply rooted in gospel and jazz. First picking up the sticks at the age of 2, he was certain from the beginning that his calling was to make music. “Being on stage is indescribable. It's really unlike any feeling you could have, there are no words to describe it. A dream come true to be honest.” He brings to Come Back Alice a rock solid foundation that makes everyone in the room start to groove. “If you ain’t movin’ and groovin’ I’m not doing my job.” facebook.com/comebackalice

w/ Flat Land (SOULFUL PUNK ROCK) It’s easy to forget Florida-based Flat Land has only four members. With a depth of sound all their own, Flat Land layers dreamy melodies over flashes of Stevie Wonder tinged funk and the occasional chaos of avant-garde blues revivalist Jack White. Frontwoman/violinist Fae Nageon de Lestang’s voice cuts through the sound, equal parts Billie Holiday and Florence and the Machine. Songs weave from afro-latin flavored riffs and soul-drenched rock-and-roll on a whim, bringing listeners on a sonic adventure where they’re sure to need their dancing shoes. facebook.com/flatlandgainesville

8PM $10/13



Larry Garner (BLUES) Larry Garner was comfortable in the 9-to-5 routine of commuting to his day job, and making a good salary working for Dow Chemical. On his drive home one night, he was forced to take an alternate route. “There was an accident on the interstate, and I took a detour to avoid it,” remembers Garner. “I drove by this place that had a sign outside on wheels, with a couple lights that said, ‘Blues Jam Tonight.’ I went in, and they said to be back at 10 that night. I went home and told my wife about it. She said, ‘You know you’ve got to go to work tomorrow.’ I went anyway, played, and got home at 2:30 in the morning. That was Tabby’s Blues Box.” The scene at the legendary Baton Rouge blues hotbed was a marked contrast to the occasional weekend gigs Garner was playing at the time. It was the early 1970s, and Garner had just returned from an 3 year tour in the army. “There were no gigs,” he remembers. “It was all disco. There were occasionally American Legion gigs or weddings or rent parties. I played in my garage. I took a job with Dow Chemical, and I rarely played in public.” Garner started moonlighting for the first few years he played out at Tabby’s Blues Box. He met such Baton Rouge bluesmen as Silas Hogan, Whispering Smith, Arthur Kelly and Raful Neal. He occasionally played in New Orleans at Rhythms on Bourbon Street, or with Bryan Lee at the late, lamented Old Absinthe Bar. But eventually he couldn’t keep burning the candle at both ends. He recalls hanging out at Tabby’s one night with Kenny Neal, who’d just finished touring. When Neal pleaded with him to stick around for another drink instead of getting ready for work in the morning, Garner tried to explain. “He said, ‘You got to quit that job.’ I said, ‘I know, but I still got to go to work in the morning.’ I left, but Kenny saying that stuck in my head. I had to quit.” It was a chance for Garner to play the music he’d loved since his early childhood. Growing up near Baton Rouge in the small town of Oaknolia, Garner heard the music coming from the church near his house. “There were traveling preachers coming through, and I heard that, and I listened to WLAC in Nashville on Friday and Saturday night,” he say. “I started playing guitar because I had an uncle, George, who taught me. He was a paraplegic, and he played like Jimmy Reed. I learned through him, and started playing at the church and behind a gospel group that played on the radio. “My parents didn’t want me playing the blues,” Garner continues. “They thought it was the devil’s music — then I guess the juke joint a quarter-mile down the road was the devil’s recruitment office. I never went into the juke except during the day, when it was a store.” Garner continued playing music during his military service, and playing in army bands — while stationed in Korea — steeled him for the life of a full-time musician. Leaving Dow Chemical was initially tough for him, but now he has a devoted following throughout the country and across the Atlantic Ocean. “I’m on tour all the time,” he says. “I go to Europe and England a few times a year. Over there they really like my original stuff. They hear guys playing the blues, but when I come in, they come right up and say, ‘Thank God — a real blues band.’ We take it for granted here. They’re really appreciative there, and so am I. larrygarnerbluesman.com

5PM $7/10



John Ginty Band (JAM BAND BLUES) “Bad News Travels” also features some stellar guest performances by such notables as Martie Maguire from the Dixie Chicks and Court Yard Hounds on fiddle, Warren Haynes from the Allman Brothers Band and Govt. Mule on guitar, label mate Todd Wolfe on guitar, Florida bluesman Albert Castiglia on vocals and guitar, Brooklyn based blues singer Alecia Chakour, Baltimore big shot Cris Jacobs on guitar and vocals, and John’s long time recording companion Neal Casal on guitar.

7PM $5

APRIL 2015


Island Night w/Impulse (ISLAND/AFRO-BEAT/REGGAE) A 23-year-old tradition continues with the ever-amazing Impulse band playing reggae, zouk and Afrobeat under the star!


Grateful Dead Night w/Uncle John's Band (JAMBAND/TRIBUTE) Hippies please use side door... UJB has been faithfully bringing the music and spirit of the Grateful Dead to Skipper's every Thursday at Skipper's since 1998. unclejohnsband.com



Selwyn Birchwood (BLUES) Selwyn Birchwood, Florida’s rising young blues fireball, is a guitar and lap steel playing bundle of pure energy. He delivers his original songs with a revival tent preacher’s fervor and a natural storyteller’s charisma made all the more impactful by his raw, unvarnished vocals. Birchwood plays high-octane blues—at once deeply rooted, funky and up-to-the-minute—with true passion and honest emotion. With his band feeding off his drive and exuberance, the striking 6’3” 29-year-old with his trademark Afro roams the stage (often barefoot), ripping out memorable guitar licks with ease. His ability to win over an audience—any audience—is proven night after night on the bandstand. With his warm, magnetic personality, Birchwood is as down-to-earth as his music is fun, thought-provoking and vital. In 2013, Birchwood catapulted from local hero to shooting star. He won the world-renowned International Blues Challenge, beating out 125 other bands from the U.S. and abroad. He also took home the Albert King Guitarist Of The Year Award. It wasn’t long before Alligator Records president Bruce Iglauer offered Birchwood a contract. His debut album, Don’t Call No Ambulance, is a fully realized vision of contemporary blues. Birchwood’s original songs range from raucous romps to hill country stomps, from searing, serious slow blues to modern blues rock. Between his uninhibited sense of fun and adventure and his serious-as-a-heart-attack musicianship, Don’t Call No Ambulance is a window into the future of the blues. The Tampa Tribune says Birchwood plays with “power and precision reminiscent of blues guitar hero Buddy Guy. He is a gritty vocalist [who is] commanding with his axe.” According to Iglauer, Birchwood is the real deal. “Selwyn Birchwood is a terrific young blues talent with a huge future. He writes smart, infectious, fresh songs and delivers them with a warm, conversational vocal style and a fun-loving attitude. He’s a killer guitarist, switching between a regular six-string and lap steel. Live, he’s a ball of energy, interacting with the audience like they were in his living room. Selwyn is destined to be one of the next stars in the blues world.” Birchwood, his father from Tobago, his mother from the UK, was born in 1985 in Orlando, Florida. He first grabbed a guitar at age 13 and soon became proficient at mimicking what he heard on the radio. But the popular grunge rock, hip-hop and metal of the 1990s didn’t move him, and he quickly grew bored. And then he heard Jimi Hendrix. “He was larger than life. What he did was mind-blowing. When I realized Hendrix was influenced by the blues, I found my path,” he says. By 17, he was deep into the blues, listening to Albert King, Freddie King, Albert Collins, Muddy Waters, Lightnin’ Hopkins and especially Buddy Guy. As luck would have it, just as Birchwood was discovering Guy, the blues master had a concert scheduled in Orlando. Birchwood was there, front and center. “I was floored,” he recalls. “I completely connected with the blues. I knew I had to make this music.”

w/ Savants of Soul (SOUL) It all started with three. Three Gainesville musicians with a vision to recreate a sound of an era long forgotten but remembered always: The Sound of Young America. Motown. 1960s soul. Three years later, the band that started as a soul-punk trio stands before you today a full-fledged, 10-piece soul orchestra, poised to release its debut album, Downtown Sound. The band chose the name Downtown Sound as an homage to the area it cut its teeth. The Savants of Soul grew up in the clubs that pepper Main Street in Gainesville, FL. They wanted the name to conjure memories of time spent crammed onto a dance floor, twisting the night away to the band’s dynamic, theatrical live shows and big brass sound. Nowhere is their sound more emphasized than on their lead single, “Darkness.” “Darkness,” is a tale of torment and temptation over a stomping funk groove originally inspired by the Shaft Theme. It features the hard brass, powerful rhythm and dual-vocal dynamic the band has become famous for. This is their brand of soul. Soul music, like all great American popular music, is the blues cleaned up for a specific audience. In this case, divorced from its rigid 12-bar structure and filtered through jazz with a healthy dollop of rock ‘n’ roll, it retains its gritty heart but moves from the delta into the city as dance music. The Savants of Soul, in this tradition of genre melding, have taken southern deep soul and seasoned it with Motown, added some punk energy, jazz and modern R&B to end up with a sound that reveres its traditions without slavishly emulating them. The Savants of Soul are here to spread their gospel their way. The influences of their musicians ranges wide. Where horn players Mandy Moo, David Rinehart, Matt Rossmann and Ray Vigil all got their start being classically trained in Florida’s band rooms, vocalist Justin McKenzie and bassist John Gray Shermyen cut their teeth musically as a part of Gainesville’s ska scene. Drummer Alex Klausner credits his frantic energy to a childhood spent studying ‘60s and ‘70s rock performers such as Freddie Mercury and Keith Moon. Guitarist Austin Van Wie grew up listening to everything from The Beatles to The Fall of Troy. Keyboardist Jason Bontrager makes his living performing gospel and jazz. Vocalist Christina Holder studied at performing arts schools but credits her vocal stylings to Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Ella Fitzgerald and Florence + The Machine. The Savants of Soul didn’t always have this lineup. In fact, the band’s membership has been fluid. Over the years, 22 musicians have at one point called themselves Savants of Soul. That’s why the band likens itself more to theater than a live music act. “If you’re going to see The Savants of Soul, you will always see a Savants of Soul show,” Klausner said. “You just might see a different cast.”

8PM $10/13


Chuck Prophet (AMERICANA) Chuck Prophet shapes his restless career with inimitable subtle flair: a vivid parade of razor-edged one-liners camouflaged in a slack-jawed drawl, songs about heartbreak and everyman heroism, drenched in twisted lines of rude Telecaster. When the early stages of a financial melt-down coincided with a rare San Francisco heat wave in the summer of 2008, with the window open wide and Dwight Twilley, Iggy, Thin Lizzy and the Knack blaring out the hi-fi, Prophet wrote a collection of political songs for non-political people. Later, in April 2009, he journeyed to Mexico City, where, in the clutches of a Swine Flu panic and earthquakes, he recorded ¡Let Freedom Ring!, his most incendiary record, every bit as urgent as the title demands. His search for a new perspective paid off, much like at eighteen when he left his native Whittier, CA for San Francisco, which he still calls home, and before too long joined Green on Red, a gang of interloping Arizonans with no small impact on L.A.'s Paisley Underground. During an eight-year run with Green on Red, he cut his first major label session with legendary Memphis producer Jim Dickinson, burned through a couple of big record deals, and ventured a debut solo effort, Brother Aldo (1990). These were the first steps in the career that shaped Prophet into a prolific rock 'n' roll classicist. But now, he has created his career high-water mark. ¡Let Freedom Ring! wanders into the fractured, surreal state of the American Dream and emerges with the most vital document of Prophet's vision, a reflection of life and love for troubled times.To untangle topics so knotted, Prophet uses only the most essential language: little else but whip-smart one-liners, a guitar in each channel and a backbeat. There are glimpses in the rear-view mirror of American rock 'n' roll – names like Eddie Cochran and an instinct for lean guitar tunes – but the meat's fresh. There's everything from the capitalist hustle and the immigrant struggle to the impulse to forget it all with a lusty Saturday night.

WMNF presents the return of Chuck Prophet, one of our favorite live artists in the past 15 years. He’s played four Heatwaves and a Birthday Bash, and now he comes back for a special club show to showcase his steamy lyrics and musical creativity. His other talent not to be overlooked is his sizzling guitar playing.

8PM $17/20

You can purchase advance tickets online at wmnf.org/events by calling the station during business hours at 813-238-8001 or in person at Skipper's Smokehouse or other WMNF ticket outlets.


Peter HIGH COTTON Trail Easter

High Cotton (WIDESPREAD PANIC) Like a Truck Redlining Across a Southern Night…
Here Comes High CottonHigh Cotton is the definition of good things and fine times, played through a collection of classic Widespread Panic songs. Drawing from the early Panic years, their live shows are full of grit and edge. Mixing influences of southern rock, a bit of the Allman Brothers, Santana, the Dead, and if that’s to your liking, you will love High Cotton.Encouraged by friends who love Widespread, High Cotton was spun-up to recreate the Widespread experience. Originally, the band existed as a hobby as all members have regular jobs. Even with 70+ years of live performance experience between them, they have a tough row to hoe, but these seven band members give it their all. Their experience will mirror your experience, if you are already familiar with Widespread.Breaking from today’s standards, the music is true, emotional, and definitely not plastic. With fans already trading copies of the shows, they are well on their way to bringing Widespread out of the house and onto a local stage. The essence of Widespread breaks with natural music and performance convention, so expect a raw and energetic show when you see them.Their repertoire of over 50 songs includes Chilly Water, Love Tractor, C. Brown, and others.Long time Widespread Panic fans have filled music centric venues from South Pinellas to Pasco County, Hillsborough and beyond.New listeners are pleasantly surprised with the efforts and talent of High Cotton and quickly become fans. High Cotton is the definition of good things and fine times. These boys are just that. So if you’re a fan of big, powerful jams, full of percussion, get out and hear High Cotton as soon as you can!

5PM $7



Jazz Night Under the Oaks



Island Night w/Impulse (ISLAND/AFRO-BEAT/REGGAE) A 23-year-old tradition continues with the ever-amazing Impulse band playing reggae, zouk and Afrobeat under the star!


Grateful Dead Night w/Uncle John's Band (JAMBAND/TRIBUTE) Hippies please use side door... UJB has been faithfully bringing the music and spirit of the Grateful Dead to Skipper's every Thursday at Skipper's since 1998. unclejohnsband.com



Sun Record's Rayburn Anthony with Mike Mettalia & the Midnight Shift (ROCKABILLY) Rayburn was born and raised in Humboldt, Tennessee which is just outside Jackson. His birthday is 23rd May 1937. One of eight children, he picked up his guitar playing from his elder brother Bob who played in a local band. WS Holland who lived in Jackson and who played drums on Carl Perkin's "Blue Suede Shoes" and all his other Sun and early Columbia recordings was taking a break from the road and working with another local singer Carl Mann. WS saw Rayburn in the local clubs and took him along to Sun Records where he sat down at a keyboard and sang a few songs for Sam. Rayburn thought it was just to let Sam hear his voice and that they would later set up with the full band, but Sam signed him off that solo audition. Rayburn never cut all out rockabilly at Sun, as by the end of 1959, the commercial music world was changing but his "Hambone" featuring, as did all his Sun cuts, Eddie Bush on guitar, is a much underrated cut. His "There's No Tomorrow" is a minor classic too. He put out three singles on Sun all released on Bear Family and Sam Phillips actually called in an outside producer Vinnie Trout to get Rayburn a commercial sound. His three singles on Sun were "St. Louis Blues", "there's No Tomorrow" and "Big Dream." Rayburn tells a story of how one day he was having trouble getting the feel of a particular ballad and Sam told him to imagine singing it to a beautiful blond. Still having trouble, Sam called time out and some time later, came back with a blond who he sat beside Rayburn who says, "It just made me more nervous." He also remembers meeting Elvis when he would drop by the Sun studio to say hi. He also met Scotty Moore in Memphis and this would prove invaluable when he made his next career move. Rayburn now set about his own recording career and certainly had his ups and downs. His song writing successes, however, helped him get his break.

w/ Jeff Vitolo & the Quarter Mile Rebels (ROCKABILLY)

8PM $10/13


Scholar's Word (REGGAE)

No Need (REGGAE)

8PM $7


Patel @ the Straz School of Rock Blowout




Island Night w/Impulse (ISLAND/AFRO-BEAT/REGGAE) A 23-year-old tradition continues with the ever-amazing Impulse band playing reggae, zouk and Afrobeat under the star!


Grateful Dead Night w/Uncle John's Band (JAMBAND/TRIBUTE) Hippies please use side door... UJB has been faithfully bringing the music and spirit of the Grateful Dead to Skipper's every Thursday at Skipper's since 1998. unclejohnsband.com



Samantha Fish (BLUES)

w/TC Carr & Bolts of Blue feat Josh Nelms

8PM $10/13


Johnny G Lyon Band 30th Anniversary




Miss Tess & the Talkbacks(COUNTRY)

w/ 6 Volt Rodeo (ROCKABILLY)

7PM $7/10


Island Night w/Impulse (ISLAND/AFRO-BEAT/REGGAE) A 23-year-old tradition continues with the ever-amazing Impulse band playing reggae, zouk and Afrobeat under the star!


Grateful Dead Night w/Uncle John's Band (JAMBAND/TRIBUTE) Hippies please use side door... UJB has been faithfully bringing the music and spirit of the Grateful Dead to Skipper's every Thursday at Skipper's since 1998. unclejohnsband.com



Sean Chambers (BLUES)

w/ Branson Welsh

8PM $10/13



Dropin Pickup

Trigger City Trio

One Mile Final

Hope Darling

8PM $7/10



Tuesday Bluesday

TC Carr & Bolts of Blue feat Josh Nelms (BLUES)


MAY 2015


Cinco de Mongo

Mighty Mogo (REGGAE ROCK)




Bruce Katz Band

7PM $7/10



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