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Rusty Wright Band w/ Sugar Lime Blue – $7/10

February 21, 2020 @ 8:00 pm

$7 – $10

8pm $7/10

Rusty Wright Band 

I’m not going to tell you about the 10,000 plus shows I’ve played or the 9 countries I’ve toured including entertaining our troops abroad. I’m not going to drone on about making the Billboard Top 10 Blues chart or tell you how good I can play from the awards and accolades I’ve got from Guitarworld Magazine and Vintage Guitar Magazine and others. That stuff is on the website.
I know you’re way too busy and important to care about any of that because you don’t know me and you’re not convinced you should even give me the time.
I don’t look like what you think an artistic soul should be. I’m not a skinny twenty something with the requisite body piercings and a string of tattoos. In fact I’m so bored with all that I don’t have ANY tattoos  and the thought of showing my drawers in public fills me with visions of my Mom’s face and a thoroughly disgusted expression.
I don’t “fit the suit” as the saying goes… I get that.
I’m the king of the left turn. In a world full of pinstripes I’m the guy wearing polka dots. The square peg. The ultimate disconnect. As soon as you think you’ve got me pinned down you’re going to be surprised. I can’t really explain why except that I’ve always felt like an alien on this planet. Dropped off by mistake and I’m just waiting for the mothership to return for me. But until then I make stuff. Print art, Wood carving and especially MUSIC.
My music is not me parroting music like the people who already did it but it’s not off in the field of eccentric weirdness either.

My idea of music is a good left turn that will leave you pleasantly surprised and maybe even feel something.
It’s a hybrid of various styles because I think of music as an immense banquet and I want to try a little of everything. But understand I filter all of these influences through my own perspective of growing up the son of an Alabama dirt farmer who worked in the car factories of Flint, MI.
I grew up living through the great high of middle class American life in the Rust belt and riding its slow death spiral into poverty as well as spending time in the poor but proud rural south learning what a good heart really is.
I’m a mix of Motor City angst and Southern soul.
I’m always looking to find new ground to til. New thoughts to mine, New feelings to cultivate in a world that is just regurgitating all it’s past glories in the hope of squeezing an extra nickel out of it.
My music is “guitarcentric” but there’s more elements than that. The vocals are inspired by my mothers gospel quartet where harmony and melody ruled.
It’s aggressive but also progressive. Blues based but Rock driven with inflections of swing jazz and country twang and who knows what else at any given moment.
I’ve endured thousands of losses and scaled the mountain of fake success to find that the only real purpose of what I do is all in those notes that come pouring from the depths of my wayward soul. After all this time I’m still here and I won’t go away until the clock says so.
I have a voice and I will use it until I can use it any longer. If you want to hear what I have to say then just “listen”……or judge me with your eyes and ignore everything I’ve said. It’s always your choice. I hope you’ll do the former but all I can do is ask and hope you won’t talk yourself out of a good thing.
I’ll be here. Singing and playing to anybody that cares to listen.

Rusty Wright 2020

Originally from mid-Michigan, Rusty and Laurie Wright, along with their ever changing number of feline family members, now make their home in central Florida.

INFLUENCES: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Freddy King, The Allman Brothers, Robin Trower and so much more.

w/ Sugar Lime Blue

What is it to experience Sugar Lime Blue? Essentially vibrations of air manipulated by the voices & instruments of the musicians singing/playing that are interpreted through the ears of living beings and transformed in their brains to the sounds that soothe us, get us excited, spark emotions and even get us up to dance. Sugar Lime Blue is a real band where in the musicians are listening to one another and trying to create something new in the moment.

In this timeline, Sugar Lime Blue has its beginnings back in 1999 when Dave & Ashley Beth first met in Texas (Dave is originally from Maine, while Ashley is from Kentucky). They fell in love, got married and started playing music together. In 2004 after flirting with living in Maine & New Jersey they moved their family to Tennessee.

Sugar Lime Blue officially had its first shows in 2007 & for the next few years went through various musicians as the band tried to find its sound. They also began recording some of the new originals that Ashley & Dave wrote together – even creating a couple of videos for completed songs like “Go Home” & “Talkin’ To Yourself”.

There came a point in 2010 when the two would consider dropping the “band” idea and moving forward as an acoustic duo. This is when they met Russ Dean who had recently moved to the Nashville area from California. After bonding over a love of jam band music & specifically the Grateful Dead they began playing out as a 3 piece acoustically.  Sugar Lime Blue would also get back to the “Electric” band sound with the addition of drums and keys.

Their first album “Far From the Tree” was about half completed at this time, so Russ added bass on the incomplete songs and a couple more songs were written and recorded (Title Track and No Road Back to Texas) and then released independently in 2011 to generally great reviews. There was just one problem… the recording defied genre classification & industry insiders were reluctant to work with the band without a way to market them to a specific audience.

So they continued to play out live at a rate of about 60 shows a year (which they still keep up) in the general area around their Nashville base (Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama & of course Tennessee), slowly building a following in the region.

The next step for the band was to start recording again. So in 2012, they set up in the Beth’s home and recorded five new songs for what was planned as the first half of their sophomore release. At this point the electric band had a steady line-up with Steven Brooks on drums & John Simpson on Pedal Steel/Guitar. Soon after this the band was again without a drummer again & began a long period of searching through about a dozen different ones over the next two years.

In the meantime, they kept playing shows when a drummer was in the ranks electrically and when wasn’t available they still played acoustically as a 3 piece. They were fortunate to also have friends and family (Junior Padilla and Mike Adams) as past drummers who could step in and help out the cause when available.

In 2013 they had the idea of filming a video once a week for their Sunday ShoutOut. The idea was to record a different song every week that would be dedicated to one of their Twitter followers or friends and then uploaded to You Tube. The first song was a cover of Steely Dan’s Do It Again which is the only song recorded more than once as it is now the traditional yearly anniversary of the endeavor.

In 2015 it was decided that the band had moved too far away from the songs already recorded for the next album and so it was decided to release these songs on their own with the addition of one song recorded in 2014 (Carve Your Name) and a cover of Melanie’s Brand New Key. They also created a video for the song Move That Earth with their cellphones at the Beth’s farm to help push the upcoming album.

Move That Earth was released in 2015 and thanks to a kickstarter campaign was able to be released on vinyl as well.  Sugar Lime Blue is again in the groove and jamming on a new level with each show. New songs that are being thrown into the sets are being well received and they are getting ready to start the recording process again for the next album.

If you like music to be more than just the background noise in your life, check out Sugar Lime Blue next time they come to your town. The band feeds off the energy of their fans and puts their hearts into every show. We only have a short time on this planet and making the moment inclusive to all that hear and enjoy the sound is what it’s all about for them. Playing music is the ultimate group expression in creativity and Sugar Lime Blue is a family bound by love and music with the ultimate goal to be able to spread that music love around.


February 21, 2020
8:00 pm
$7 – $10
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